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 Detoxification for Great Health!

The question isn't whether we are toxic, but rather to what degree are we severely toxic! It is known that the average person is carrying around hundreds of manmade chemicals, pollutants and heavy metals--most of which don't like to leave our bodies.

The Brannick Clinic of Natural Medicine, the clinic that took over my practice last summer, has a great detoxification program that is as comprehensive as it is effective. If you haven't ever done a thorough detoxification program--or haven't done one in awhile--I very much recommend this one to treat and prevent disease as well as to improve your immunity for the coming winter.

Have Insurance--We Take It!

As many of you are aware, I stopped taking insurance many years ago and one of the benefits of the Brannick Clinic taking over my practice is that the clinic takes insurance! Dr. Brannick and her staff are very good at treating chronic conditions that haven't sufficiently responded to other treatments by performing a detailed history, physical examination and laboratory studies to synthesize an effective personalized treatment--all of which can be billed to insurance.

The Brannick Clinic of Natural Medicine is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and they will submit insurance claims for other carriers as well. To find out whether your insurance will cover services, you can call the office manager, Lynn, at 630-444-0066 ext. 1.


In Health and Wellness!

Dr. Nick LeRoy

Dr. Nick LeRoy


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» Back Pain Sufferers Reduce Disability with Chiropractic Care
» Regular Exercise Is Great for Mental Health – But Watch Out for Too Much

Back Pain Sufferers Reduce Disability with Chiropractic Care  

Chiropractic care for back pain has been proven to provide pain relief while improving mobility and function. Now, a recent study provides evidence that chiropractic care can not only reduce back pain but also lessen disability in patients. The study focused on 750 United States military service members still on active duty. All were being treated for lower back pain. Traditional measures such as physical therapy as well as drugs were used.  Then, half of the group were treated by a chiropractor. The chiropractic methods used included spinal manipulation as well as special exercises. In just six weeks, the military service members who received the chiropractic treatments had less back pain and less disability. The research was led by Dr. Christine Goertz of the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. She told Reuters that the treatments may help muscles heal while improving mobility in the body. They may also help manage pain by changing how pain is perceived. Back pain in the lumbar spine (lower back) affects one in five adult Americans. With painkillers such as opioids leading to increasing addictions, safe, natural treatments like chiropractic care are increasingly sought after. If you're suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, or joint related pain, contact your local doctor of chiropractic today!
Source:JAMA Network Open, online May 18, 2018. LLC 2018

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Regular Exercise Is Great for Mental Health – But Watch Out for Too Much  

According to a study of 1.2 million adults across the U.S., people who engage in regular exercise report an overall healthier mental state than non-active or sedentary people. However, more exercise is not necessarily better for mental health. According to this research, daily exercisers actually report less mental wellbeing. This means, just like anything else, moderation is key to reap the health benefits of physical activity. And, according to the study, all kinds of exercise counts, including housework, mowing the lawn, caring for children, fishing, gym sessions, running, walking, and more. Researchers have continually proven that exercise can have major positive health effects, including lowered risks for stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. However, the link between good mental health and exercise is less certain. While the researchers in this particular study were able to positively link exercise to healthy mindsets, they weren’t able to demonstrate cause and effect. The study asked adults across the U.S. to give a ballpark estimate of how often during the previous month they would say their mental health was "not good" due to emotional issues, including those related to stress and depression. In addition, these adults reported their exercise habits during the previous month, including how long each session lasted. One major takeaway from the study: People who exercised regularly reported experiencing less mental health issues. In total, the exercisers reported 43% fewer days with mental health issues than non-exercisers.
Source:The Lancet Psychiatry. Volume 5, Issue 9, P692-693, September 01, 2018. LLC 2018

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