Dr. Nicholas LeRoy is a member of the American Academy of Thermology. He has performed and interpreted more than 5,000 infrared thermograms in the last 20 years. Unlike most thermography imaging centers, Dr. LeRoy correlates the results of imaging with physical breast examination as well as other historical and diagnostic information. This fact is significant because the discovery of a mass or breast thickening in the area of what would normally be interpreted as a normal thermographic finding, suddenly becomes suspect, and the overall impression of the thermogram changes from "normal" to "suspicious". In an event such as this, additional testing may be recommended that can lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment. Most authorities agree early treatment is critical for survival. At most thermal imaging centers a "technician" performs the imaging which is sent out-of-state to be interpreted. The disadvantage is that the interpreting thermographer does not have the patient present during the interpretation process and thus cannot correlate physical breast findings with the thermogram.

Because Dr. LeRoy performs the imaging and interpretation himself, the results are given immediately at the time of the visit. He then writes a report and sends the report and images to the patient as well as any other health care providers indicated by the patient.

If you have an abnormal thermogram Dr. LeRoy will refer you immediately for additional diagnostic testing that may include a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound and if indicated an MRI. In the event that surgery is warranted he has breast surgeons that he recommends.

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