HPV treatment with Dr. Nick LeRoyExperience

Dr. Nicholas LeRoy has been treating HPV and Cervical Dysplasia since 1995 when he first treated a colleague with the condition. The treatment consisted of the topical application of an escharotic to her cervix as well as oral supplement therapy and dietary changes.

After the treatment proved successful, Dr. LeRoy wrote an article about it that was published in Holistic Chicago magazine. At that time, in the mid-nineties, there weren't any physicians in Chicago offering a natural alternative for abnormal paps and Dr. LeRoy saw this as an opportunity to provide a valuable service for women afflicted with the condition and he has specialized in it ever since.

Dr. LeRoy has become a leading authority on the non-surgical treatment of cervical dysplasia and HPV and he continues to share his expertise with women from around the world.

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