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Thank you for visiting the website of Chicago Holistic Physician Dr. Nicholas LeRoy, DC, MS and the Illinois Center for Progressive Health -- a professional breast thermography, natural medicine, weight loss Chicago, and chiropractic clinic.

Dr. LeRoy, a holistic doctor in Chicago, specializes in identifying the factors that have contributed to your illness, and then designs a personalized treatment approach that emphasizes general health. This integrative treatment often includes dietary recommendations, nutrition, acupuncture, breast thermography, chiropractic and massage--depending upon the condition for which you are seeking assistance. Dr. LeRoy also specializes in the non-surgical treatment of cervical dypslasia and HPV.

When the core physiological processes of your body are functioning optimally, illness will not exist, and you will enjoy a better quality of life. Unlike many physicians, Dr. LeRoy, who is also a chiropractor in Chicago, believes that what you have to say is the most important factor in identifying the reasons you are not well. By spending extra time listening to you, clues are discovered that help guide the diagnostic process.

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