Dr. LeRoy has 18 years of experience in the field of diet and nutrition. As a natural medicine internist and Chicago nutritionist, he creates individualized nutrition programs for all health concerns and diseases. Dr. LeRoy can perform a variety of blood tests including food allergy testing to determine your nutritional status and make corresponding recommendations based on your individual needs. He is skilled at working with your diet preferences (eg. vegetarianism, veganism, etc.) to create a nutritional program that is right for you. Diet and nutrition are the cornerstones of good health--maintaining healthy weight, GI function, immunity, inflammation and hormone function. His theory is straightforward: Eat and supplement in a manner consistent with the prevailing research. It is his job to stay current with this information and as such he is able to take the confusion out of how a person should eat.

Despite the media's obsession to confound us with contradictory information regarding diet and nutrition, what a person should eat is straightforward. We know through the majority of research that a diet high in green leafy vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts and seeds, and low in healthy animal products and grains is good. Many persons make the mistake of thinking that eating less meat is healthy--only to increase intake of grains, starches and dairy products. Too many carbohydrates will only serve to create GI problems and increase inflammation and weight. Carbohydrate intake must be minimal. All carbohydrates!

Sometimes Dr. LeRoy will recommend a detoxification program to "kick start" a long-term change in diet. A healthy detoxification program consists of limiting the intake of certain foods while using supplements to facilitate liver bio-transformation of chemicals. Most detox programs are gimmicks, seeking only to sell you a bunch of expensive supplements that do little to support liver function. Dr. LeRoy's program is effective, safe, and inexpensive.

Whatever your dietary concerns, Dr. LeRoy will partner with you as your Chicago nutritionist to achieve your health goals!